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About Internationally-Acclaimed
Blackjack Innovator Richard Harvey

  Richard Harvey is one of the few best-selling blackjack book authors who's an innovator of new methods, a researcher and an expert player. Called a "blackjack guru" by Kansas City Star gaming columnist Rick Alm, "a blackjack wizard...a genius!" by At The Casino columnist Bill Previtti, and a "blackjack King" by Denver talk show host Irv Brown, he's now recognized worldwide as one of the foremost innovators and authorities in the field, having created the first new, state-of-the-art blackjack system to come along since the early 1960s. University-trained in scientific and mathematical research methods, his years of original blackjack studies have produced innumerable breakthroughs in game strategy, giving players much more scientific precision than ever thought possible, in making smart card moves and bets.

  He's totally de-mystified the game. Now, the dealer's hole card is no longer a mystery; its identity can be found! Even the cards players place face-down when standing (at single and double-deck tables) can be identified, through the historic breakthrough methods he's developed.  (Las Vegas gaming expert Howard Schwartz gave Cutting Edge Blackjack, in particular, two thumbs up, because of that breakthrough. He wrote two glowing book reviews in which he said Richard Harvey was blazing "new territory." And Eli G., financier to the late great Ken Uston, has said: "Richard Harvey's system is the best on the far. His books are right-on. It's amazing what he's done!")

  The (now defunct) World Series of Blackjack on GSN-TV sent an unsolicited invitation for him to appear on that show, which is a high honor. (Unfortunately, it's not possible because of the threat of his getting barred if his face is known.)

  And he's received acclaim internationally, appearing on hundreds of radio talk shows including Spain's Radio Onda Cerro. Nationally, he's been on more than 100 talk shows, including the nationally-syndicated Mike Gallagher show and the Erskine-At-Night show; the John Williams show in Chicago; the morning zoo on WNEW-FM in New York; and he's been on numerous times with talk show hosts Irv Brown in Denver, Rudi Schiffer in Memphis, Mike Murphy in Kansas City, Bruce Jacobs in Phoenix, and Bill Previtti in Albuquerque - just to name a few.

  Additionally, if imitation is a form of flattery, so are the countermeasures Mr. Harvey's books have spawned in Vegas and elsewhere. Five-player tables and continuous shuffling machines are among these (futile) efforts to derail Richard Harvey's system followers. Sorry, Vegas, but you only hurt the Old School method players!)

  He's now also a syndicated blackjack columnist and he's been asked to write articles on blackjack for many well-respected publications, from coast to coast. His articles have appeared in such publications as Midwest Gaming & Travel magazine, The Colorado Gambler, the Casino Entertainer, Fun 'N Games magazine, among many others.

  He's done well more than 100 book signing events from coast to coast, and his rare but highly acclaimed professional seminars are typically sold out wherever they're held, nationwide. (See reader and seminar-goer feedback on our homepage.) Many players fly hundreds of miles to take his seminars and many have also taken more than one (we've had some who've taken three or more seminars - which is a testament to their popularity and value).

  Everywhere he goes, he is met by devoted fans, players of all levels, eager for his advice.

  Richard was a radio and TV personality in New York City for many years before he discovered the income potential of his blackjack system in the casinos of Atlantic City. He made the career changeover to blackjack when the radio station he was on laid off all its announcers. To pay his bills, he struck out for Atlantic City, where he went on a long and financially rewarding winning streak from which he's never looked back.

  Richard had been a member of a prestigious Bridge players' club in Manhattan, having been taught to play by his grandmother (who was an expert player), when the lure of East Coast casinos grew large, and the blackjack bug bit him.

 He read every blackjack book he could find at the time but he found the low success rate of those systems disappointing (having tested them on his computer at home). So
, he decided to devise his own blackjack system!

 He'd studied theortical math and statistics in college, and it now came in handy. Years of computer research and strategy refinement followed promising early successes. Finally, just before the First Edition of Blackjack The SMART Way (his first book, now a bestseller) was published, three experts tested his system at numerous casinos, and it posted an amazing win rate of over 85%!

  Blackjack The SMART Way, incidentally, began as a fluke. Mr Harvey's casino-going friends, upon seeing him winning regularly, demanded that he write them a manual, so that they, too, might win as much. When he was done with that effort, his friends recognized its value and insisted he get it published, so that others might benefit from it as well. The First Edition's success went beyond Mr. Harvey's wildest dreams, selling out in no time. Readers then clamored for an audio book, which led to Preparing YOU To WIN (which was recently replaced by a newer, more information-intense edition, now called Richard Harvey's Blackjack PowerPrep Session, just released on Compact Disc). Then, the author undertook a monumental and historic 3-year research project into card behavior, blackjack in general, and shuffling (only analyzing the data with his computer after collecting the right kind of data - that is, casino-style, hand-dealt and -collected blackjack rounds, with real cards and dealers) that resulted in Cutting Edge Blackjack, and a whole new way of playing the game.

  Only recently, he completed his third book, NEW Ways to Win MORE at Blackjack, and we understand he's taking time off from writing to play more...but might return in 2005 or 2006 with one or two more books!

  The future? More books, blackjack columns, book events, seminars, talk shows, etc., AND especially...blackjack!!

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