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Do Up To 40+ Times Better Than You Do Now,
The System That Made The Rest Obsolete...

T ...With The Only System in Decades To Scare The Casino Industry Into Attempting Countermeasures*...

"Richard Harvey's system is the best on the far.
His books are right-on. It's amazing what he's done!"
- Eli G., compatriot of the late great Ken Uston

"Richard Harvey's books have made him a national celebrity.
He's a blackjack wizard...a genius!" - At The Casino columnist Bill Previtti

"I have been reading your books and putting the concepts
into action at the Casino, all I have to say is WOW!"
- Sant K., a blackjack player

FYI: Because of the respect those in the blackjack industry have for Richard Harvey's contributions to the game, he received the honor a couple of years ago of being sent an unsolicited invitation to compete on GSN-TV's World Series of Blackjack. (We, Mystic Ridge Books, Mr. Harvey's publisher, received the invitation to pass along to him.) Because of the danger of getting barred due to being identified by this visual medium, however, Mr. Harvey respectfully declined the invitation. We believe it's important this information be known, however. When players everywhere would have given their eye teeth to qualify for that show, Richard Harvey, because of his recognized distinction in the blackjack world and his expertise, could have been on at any time; he was someone they wanted on that show, presumably as an expert who would have added some weight or credibility to it. Way to go Mr. Harvey!

  Predictability and scientific precision. Those terms have never before been used to describe a blackjack game strategy. But those are exactly the terms being used to describe the breakthrough innovations of Richard Harvey.

  And if you're not yet aware of blackjack innovator Richard Harvey or his contributions to the game, you're not playing state-of-the-art blackjack.

  The math whiz and expert blackjack player who devoted more than 10 years of his life exploring better ways to beat the game has significantly raised the bar on what is now considered state-of-the-art blackjack. After years of R&D - doing theoretical math models, card behavior studies, blackjack research, shuffling studies, computer analysis of three years of real casino-style blackjack card data, producing historic discoveries, and then the creation of killer new card strategy and betting methods - no one knows more about the ins and outs of the game. And no one has contributed more to blackjack progress in the past 50 years!

  At his most recent seminar, for example, he predicted the outcome, in advance, of 100% of the rounds played at that event. Is that not amazing? Do you know anyone else who could do this, predict the outcome of dealer and player hands (aside from those who follow his system), and therefore make precise card moves and bets?

  The players who took the seminar witnessed this. And they witnessed it because Richard Harvey is not afraid to put his money where his mouth is. He can show you how his system works. Can anyone else?

  Do you know any other blackjack system that enables a player to do this? The other systems on the market - all of which are based upon the faulty assumptions of the 1950s and '60s - don't even allow a player to predict the outcome of one round, let alone most or all of them!

  In fact, this type of accuracy and power was not considered possible before Richard Harvey's books were first published in the late 1990s, revealing breakthroughs in blackjack strategy that were unheard of and unimagined.

  How does this relate to you? Your game is not cutting edge if you don't know his methods! You're not winning as much as you could!

  If you're not able to tell, through state-of-the-art card analysis, what the dealer's hole card and hit cards are likely to be and therefore the dealer's likely outcome, you're not playing state-of-the-art precision blackjack!

  If, based on this powerful information, you're not able to assess your hand versus the dealer's, you're not playing state-of-the-art precision blackjack!

  If you're not able to read the cards and tell how the round will turn out for the dealer and the players, you're not playing state-of-the-art precision blackjack!

  If you don't know how to identify the players' facedown cards at single and double deck tables, you're not playing state-of-the-art precision blackjack!

  If you don't know how to determine your likelihood of winning in the next round (and therefore, how to bet precisely)...If you don't know, scientifically, when you should leave (whether up or down)...If
you don't know how to tell whether the cards are good or bad...
you're not playing state-of-the-art precision blackjack!

  (And that's just scratching the surface.)

  The truth is, there's just one state-of-the-art system on the market today. Blackjack hasn't been the same since Richard Harvey's blackjack breakthroughs were first revealed in his bestseller Blackjack The SMART Way. The result of more than 10 years of intensive research into card behavior, blackjack realities and casino shuffling, Harvey's system was unknown to the world for quite some time - used only by him, as an expert player.

  Praised by Kansas City Star gambling columnist Rick Alm as "a blackjack guru" and Denver talk show host Irv Brown as "The Blackjack KING," Richard Harvey has been acclaimed worldwide for creating the first new and better way to play the game in more than 40 years. No wonder Las Vegas gaming expert Howard Schwartz exclaimed: "He's (blazing) new territory!"

  Nationally-syndicated radio host Erskine of Erskine Overnight
has summed it up succinctly: "Richard Harvey is THE blackjack expert!"

  In fact, the casino industry itself has tacitly endorsed Richard Harvey's breakthroughs in the many ways they have (unsuccessfully) attempted to change the game since his books have come out in a vain stab at thwarting players who possess his insights!*

  Richard Harvey's discovery of variable dealer busting rates - that is, the fact that dealer up cards do not bust at constant, predictable rates, but vary dramatically over time - led to an Epiphany that a whole new approach to he game was required, in order to respond to the realities of the moment. This was also made clear by his discovery of the many mistakes past blackjack researchers had made in devising the methods that came before his, the methods born of the 1950s and '60s - the one-size-fits-all basic strategy approach and the card counting methods, which vainly attempted to deal with the reality of skewed results due to card imbalances.

  More than 10 years of R&D then resulted in many huge historic breakthroughs - discoveries and new methods - including the first-ever method allowing players to identify players' facedown cards at single and double deck tables. In 1962, the casino industry thought they'd thwarted players' abilities to analyze the cards by forcing them to place their first two cards facedown on the table when standing. With Richard Harvey's new methods, these cards are now easily identifiable, and accurate card analysis easily done. (See Cutting Edge Blackjack.)

  One of his many other powerful inventions include the Next Round Probability Indicators (formerly called Auxiliary Betting Indicators, in Cutting Edge Blackjack), which give players amazing power in predicting the likelihood of their winning or losing going into the next round of action. Jaws drop at seminars when Richard Harvey demonstrates the effectiveness of this tool.

  Then there is his:

  • Ducks & Bucks method of identifying when the dealer is likely to bust or score - an entry-level method giving players the ability to make more precise card moves
  • Win/Loss Margin Units method of determining correct betting levels and the scientific determination of when a player should leave (up or down)
  • method to identify the dealer's hole card (a hugely important card totally ignored by the others' books), which empowers players to make much more accurate card moves

  ...and it goes on and on from there.

  Renowned as an expert player, bestselling author, blackjack columnist, talk show guest, public speaker and teacher, industry insiders and blackjack players alike have proclaimed Richard Harvey to be the world's top blackjack innovator and authority. Computer-tested and proven unusually successful, his methods rock.

  Dramatically increase your winning rate, understanding of the game, gains and satisfaction with Richard Harvey's bestselling books, audio books, seminars, products and free blackjack advice.  Make card moves and bets with unheard of precision.

  ...Here's how On The River (Memphis, TN) casino columnist Rudi Schiffer put it:
  "RICHARD HARVEY...shakes up the foundation we have been standing on for years. Cutting Edge Blackjack is the result of three years of computer studies that provide food for thought if you are a serious player.
  "Get this...Harvey, who is an accomplished player and very erudite on his favorite subject, has come up with a method that can uncover the identity of the dealer's hole card! Without using my secret X-ray vision glasses, this is quite an accomplishment.
  "He also delves into how dealer shuffling affects your play, and how to make money off this. The book also dispels some long-held assumptions such as that there is one perfect Basic Strategy that is all a player needs to become a big winner and a great player. This book is well worth reading."

  Were it not for his friends, who saw him winning more than not at casino blackjack and urged him to write them a book on his methods so they could become winners too, players would still be in the dark about Richard Harvey's powerful innovations. But fortunately his once-secret leading-edge methods and research discoveries are now yours, in three best-selling books and one CD audio book, to be had for the less than the price of a night at the movies!

  Explore Richard Harvey's books and seminars and enter into the awesome world of cutting-edge winning concepts and methods no one imagined possible.

 Click here for additional Reviews and Reader Feedback.

*Many Vegas casinos, for instance, have gone to five-player tables, because Cutting Edge Blackjack revealed that basic strategy players at tables with five or fewer players cannot win, over the long term. But, fortunately, players using Richard Harvey's methods do not have this disadvantage. Casinos have also introduced shuffling machines and continuously-shuffled cards tables in a direct attempt to thwart the power of Richard Harvey's breakthroughs, including the discovery of repeating phenomena. (A game called Digital 21, much like online blackjack, with video screens at each betting spot and computer-generated action, was a part of this, too. This game, however, did not catch on.) The timing of these casino countermeasures is unmistakable. After all, no other books in the past 47 years introduced anything truly new, as did Richard Harvey's. The good news, though, is that whatever variant you play, Richard Harvey's system is still your best approach.

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