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Richard Harvey's New
Is An Essential Practicing Tool
For All State-Of-The-Art Players

(Just $19.95 - Less than the cost of one bet!)

Plug in the number of decks you're playing with and the cards that have been dealt and this awesome calculator (shown only partially above) tells you what cards are left so you can determine your likelihood of getting the cards you need and the dealer's likelihood of busting (using Richard Harvey's state-of-the-art methods).

Even better - it tells you how to bet in the next round, based upon its assessment of your likelihood of winning (using the Precision Betting Method in the new Edition of Cutting Edge Blackjack).

How great is that! And it comes with it own special booklet explaining the concept of probability and how to use the calculator to make you a smarter player. And you can take that straight to the bank!

The new Probability Calculator, provided in an Excel or Numbers format on a CD autographed by Richard Harvey, is an exciting new adjunct to the card analysis methods and concepts you learned in Richard Harvey's Cutting Edge Blackjack. You'll be amazed how much you'll learn using it in making your card practice sessions so much more productive. (And every serious player must practice to win to the max at the casino. That's the one thing even the bad blackjack movies got right.)

What a fun way to graphically see in action the simple math that rules the game and determines what strategy is best, whether it's about choosing card moves or the size of your bet!

And this awesome new practice tool is actually two (or more) tools in one.

Simply type in the number of decks with which you're practicing and the number of each card that you've dealt during each round. The Calculator then instantly identifies in vivid detail the card imbalance you're up against. That opens your eyes to making great card moves and in illustrating how card imbalances shape your game.

And it's amazing how much you'll learn observing how the cards that are dealt change the composition of the undealt cards.

But more than that, the Calculator also explains what each imbalance means to your likelihood of winning in the next round and therefore, how to make the smartest bet.

Richard Harvey's Probability Calculator provides you with the positive or negative prognosis for the next round, with the number by which you should adjust your bet!

This is killer. This makes your practice sessions incredibly enjoyable and profitable!

Think of how much you'll learn, from which you can later profit at the casino!

This quickly teaches you an essential skill. You need to know, through card analysis, how to identify what the imbalance of the moment is to figure out:

  • How the dealer is likely to do (will he or she bust or score?)
  • How to identify whether the dealer's up card is a Duck (a likely buster) or a Buck (a likely winner) - according to Richard Harvey's entry-level Ducks & Bucks card analysis method (in Cutting Edge Blackjack)
  • How you will likely do against the dealer
  • How you should play your hand
  • How you should bet going into the next round
  • What the Probability Index is (your likelihood of winning in the next round, based upon Richard Harvey's new Precision Betting Method in the new Third Edition of Cutting Edge Blackjack)

This learning tool graphically illustrates how the cards that are dealt change the realities you face, and how the undealt mix (which determines the dealer's and your future) changes with each card dealt. You can use it at first to show you how to think about what you see on the table. Then you can use it to check and see if your card analyses are correct or not.

It will also show you how different your realities are depending on how many decks are in the game. Nothing teaches you this important concept better than the Richard Harvey Probability Calculator. (This is also covered in the special pamphlet he wrote for Calculator users.)

Best yet, this Calculator (in a part not shown above) helps you get up and running with the most accurate betting system on the planet today - the Precision Betting Method introduced in the Third Edition of Cutting Edge Blackjack. It provides you a PI number that correlates with your likelihood of winning based upon the cards that were dealt (in your practice games). A "Manual" calculator also lets you work out your own solution to what the card imbalance you're facing is, so you can check and see if you've you've correctly determined your likelihood of winning in the next round so you can make the most precisely correct bet ever!

How great is that!

The Calculator also breaks down the cards into several different kinds of categories so you can fine tune your card moves and dealer outcome analyses with precision. Do you want to know the likelihood the dealer or you will receive low cards and Aces (cards that would often enable the dealer - or you - to avoid busting)? That's in there. How about high cards plus Aces (which would help the dealer avoid busting when he or she has a high up card)? That's in there. And there's much more.

This is one the best state-of-the-art blackjack learning tools ever invented! And one of the greatest things about it is you'll find yourself making your own discoveries when you play around with it.

For instance, try different player combinations to see how that alone changes the realities you must consider when making card moves. Do the numbers that impact your game change the most with 4 players or 7?

See in startling detail how the number of decks in play affects not only your card analysis accuracy but also the moves you must make to correspond with the varying realities of each game. (Please only go up to 6 decks. Richard Harvey warns you not to play 8 deck games, the least winnable of all.)

It won't take you long to "get it" using the awesome new Richard Harvey Probability Calculator.

And you'll get all this for less than the cost of one bet. How great is that! Get yours today!

Provided in an Excel spreadsheet format. Let us know if you need a Mac-based Numbers-type format.
(Please note: due to the downloadable nature of this product, all sales are final.)

© 2010 by Richard Harvey. May not be reproduced or shared in any way shape or form.
Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Patent Pending.

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