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BIG News!
ONLY New Book Buyers
Will Get These Special Benefits!

It's A No Brainer:
It Pays To Buy Richard Harvey's New Books
New (At Retail or Near-Retail Price)
From These Qualifying Bookstores & Web Sites!
For just $4.95 (with required information requested) you get online
access to FREE blackjack news, quizzes and more (see back pages of
new Editions of Blackjack The Smart Way & Cutting Edge Blackjack for details)

 Big changes are here for the better. But you have to buy one of Richard Harvey's brand new books at qualifying bookstores (exclusively at Barnes & Noble stores and limited Borders stores) or web sites (exclusively at or at the retail price of $21.95 (or within 20% of it) to qualify for membership in our new New Books Club. Details can be found on the last pages of the Third Edition of Cutting Edge Blackjack and the Fourth Edition of Blackjack The SMART Way.

 Buy the Third Edition of Cutting Edge Blackjack or Gold (Fourth) Edition of Blackjack The Smart Way at qualifying stores or web sites and a whole new world of offerings will open up to you - practically free! IF, that is, you then leverage those purchases to join our New Books Club.

 Because from now on, only New Books Club members will be allowed to attend many of Richard Harvey's popular seminars. That's HUGE.

 But the benefits don't stop there:

 Only those in the New Books Club will be given access to Richard Harvey's general blackjack blog, enhanced blackjack advice web page, and archived syndicated columns. You'll also get to see some of Richard's newest syndicated columns (before they are published anywhere)! By year's end, you'll find some animated PowerPoint lessons too. And there's Richard Harvey's monthly blackjack card situation brainteaser quiz! Plus, Richard will update you on any current news in the casino industry and blackjack world he thinks you should know.

 Even better: Only those who qualify for membership will have access to new specialized blackjack strategy booklets (available at a nominal cost), with material not available anywhere else.

 And there will be additional benefits announced periodically.

 Now, unfortunately, purchases, at least for the forseeable future, will not qualify for this special program. Because does not buy books from us (and therefore you will be unable to purchase Richard Harvey's new books new on Amazon), no Amazon purchases will qualify for this new program, nor will any online purchases qualify except for those made at or near the retail price of $21.95 from this web site and

 There is a special procedure for becoming a New Book Club member and it's explained in the last three pages of the new Third Edition of Cutting Edge Blackjack and Gold (Fourth) Edition of Blackjack The Smart Way. (FYI: We reserve the right to reject any application for membership if it does not meet the simple requirements listed in those books.)

 No purchases from online sellers or resellers not listed above or used booksellers qualify. (To bookstore and web site owners: If you're a bookseller who wants to benefit from the sales that will come from the New Books Club incentives, send us contact information we can verify online and we'd be glad to add your name to the exclusive but growing list of booksellers who offer our new books, with your purchase of Richard Harvey's new books. No resellers are eligible nor any seller that plans on selling our books at a discount of more than 20% off. Any bookstores who want to get involved in this program must be verifiably legitimate, recognized and respected bookstores and agree to purchase Richard Harvey's books from Mystic Ridge Books.)

 The motivation behind the New Books Club program is twofold. First, it's our way of rewarding our best customers. Second, we are initiating this program to fight the unethical and possibly illegal Internet trends that threaten to put publishers, bookstores and authors out of business. If books of dubious origin that do not properly reward the author or publisher for the work put into them, sold as "new" (which are not but you can't tell when you order them online), at "cheap" prices (cheap if you want used and outdated books), deter readers from buying our most current books, we'll disappear and you won't have access to Richard Harvey's most recent great blackjack breathroughs, or the fabulous writings of our other authors.

 However, readers will find that the rewards of buying new go beyond the the fact that they are doing the ethical and moral thing. The special benefits mentioned above are worth more than the price of the books. And we will be adding to the benefits only new book buyers get. Visit our site regularly for updates.

 Plus, access to Richard Harvey's incredible seminars is worth the price of his new books alone. We will no longer allow those who are not in the New Books Club to attend these events, and not just for the reasons we've just listed. Seminars can and do bog down with unnecessary questions when readers don't have the most current Editions and information, wasting time that could have been spent on more important things. And it's natural to require that you have the newest books when attending a Richard Harvey seminar anyway. They're your textbooks. (You have to buy the most current textbook when you take any college course after all.)

 We thank you for your understanding and think you'll agree that joining the New Books Club is not only the right thing to do, but a worthwhile thing to do, with many new and awesome advantages for you. It's a no-brainer.

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