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A Message From Mystic Ridge Books:
Why You Cannot Get
Our Most Up-To-Date Titles
From Amazon.com

 Things have regrettably changed at Amazon and there's something you need to know, if you're thinking of purchasing our titles from Amazon.com. You can no longer purchase our most up-to-date books from Amazon.com.

 Sadly, Amazon.com is no longer friendly to the smaller publisher. We've been told that Amazon would not purchase our titles unless we agreed to some highly unacceptable alternatives. They wanted us either to give them our books free of charge (on consignment) or to allow them to print our books on a demand basis!

 Both of these demands are outrageous. No one but Mystic Ridge Books has the right to print our titles and we do not sell on consignment.

 Therefore: buyer beware. "Resellers" are now selling our books on Amazon.com. Since we do not sell our books to resellers, please understand that Amazon is no longer a venue where you can purchase our newest titles (current printings, with the most recent updates, current editions and newest titles). They claim they sell "new" copies but they are not, in fact, new. What are you going to get are damaged copies of older Editions (as we found out when we ordered our books from them). Yes they're priced cheap. But you get what you pay for. If you want outdated information and books that lack the most current methods, fine. That's your choice. But we feel that most readers would choose not to select these "bargains" if they knew the truth. In addition, if you surf our site, you'll see that there are notable bonuses and offerings that only those who buy our books new (at or within 20% of the cover price), at recognized and respected bookstores, can obtain - including the right to attend Richard Harvey's seminars. From now on, only those who are members of our New Books Club are invited to attend seminars sponsored by Mystic Ridge Books.

 And our most current titles can only be obtained through Mystic Ridge Books (on this web site and our master web site www.mysticridgebooks.com) or at Barnes & Noble, Borders and other fine bookstores. Now some individual stores might carry our most current titles (due to author book events, for instance) or might be able to special order our titles for you; but ask them from whom they're ordering our books. Bookstores and dot-coms can only get our most current titles from us, Mystic Ridge Books.

 Thanks. (We thought you'd want to know!)

 NOTE TO THE BOOKSELLER: If you are purchasing our titles directly from Mystic Ridge Books and want to be listed on this page as a legitimate source of our books, first set up a direct relationship and we'd be glad to send customers your way.