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So totally rewritten, revised, redesigned,
expanded and enhanced that it's really brand new!

The most state-of-the-art and comprehensive
blackjack book on the planet just got even better!



  Here's the only book with leading-edge 21st Century blackjack methods. No other book in the world can touch this (except Richard Harvey's other books). This has made the rest hopelessly obsolete! Check it out at the bookstore or library if you don't believe it. This book sells itself.

  Rewritten from cover to cover to make everything easy to understand, expanded by 28 new pages of content to squeeze even more new methods from Richard's ongoing research into this already encyclopedic book, and updated to include all casino industry changes, the Casino Entertainer exclaimed: "This book rocks!"

 The awesome new Precision Betting Method (including color-coded charts), comprising a whole new Chapter 8, is worth the price of the book alone. (Click here for the Table of Contents breakdown of this brand new chapter.) This will empower your game like nothing else before could. Now you can both accurately predict your likelihood of winning in the next round and adjust your bets scientifically so they perfectly reflect your correct odds of winning or losing. This brand-new revelation to readers is as easy to learn as it will be profitable at the table. The difference in your game will be incredible.

 Plus, the Precision Betting Method provides easily understandable charts for pitch games (single and double deck) as well as separate charts for multideck games. Each comes with two sets of recommendations, one for games in which surrender is allowed and one for games in which it is not. This is a factor that alters your odds of winning and, for the first time blackjack history, here's how you should alter your bet accordingly! (These charts are also sold separately, in laminated versions.)

 And there are first-ever strategies specifically for players of multideck games, too numerous to mention.

 And the new End Game Strategy brings card strategy to a whole new level of precision!

  And that's just scratching the surface.

  This explosive bestseller is the product of a monumental and historic initial four-year computer research project (that continues) resulting in the first new and better way to approach the game in nearly five decades, giving players the ability to make card moves and betting decisions with a precision never before thought possible.

   Las Vegas gaming expert Howard Schwartz hailed the release of Cutting Edge Blackjack in two reviews, saying it "(blazes) new territory." Eli G., financier to the late blackjack great Ken Uston calls Richard Harvey's methods "the best on the market far!"

  Written by one of world's foremost blackjack innovators, Cutting Edge Blackjack is packed with leading-edge new techniques. The chapter that teaches you how to identify players' face-down cards at single and double deck tables is worth the price alone.

  Another first is the author's identification and correcting of mistakes and faulty assumptions made by past researchers. The computer is just a research tool. You must use it carefully to arrive at the truth. Mr. Harvey's research began with a new twist: with the exacting shuffling, dealing and card collection as is done by casino dealers, to uncover many heretofore undiscovered phenomenon that occur with the actual handling of cards. Older studies that only simulated the game, using the computer's random number generator to invent pretend rounds of blackjack, were missing the point: the cards do NOT play out randomly, as you will see! Mr. Harvey's revelations about how to profit from the non-random nature of standardized dealer shuffling, for instance, are awesome (and if you don't know where the cards go during the shuffle, this book is a must read)!

  This book leaves the others in the dust! Here are some other features:

  • An powerful method to uncover the identity of the dealer's hole card! With that, you know how strong or weak the dealer is. How sweet is that?!

  • New discoveries revealing when each of the dealer's up cards is vulnerable -- information from which you can really profit. (Every up card has its weak and its strong periods, and you will learn to identify these phases!)

  • How dealer up card realities, such as busting rates, are NOT constant, but are in constant flux! The old ways based upon "constants" are therefore faulty!

  • A new, flexible, mathematically more accurate Real-time Card Strategy that adjusts to the realities of the cards that have been dealt.

  • Newly-discovered repeating phenomena, from shuffle to shuffle, which open up all kinds of avenues by which you can take advantage of them.

  • New betting spot behavior discoveries, which resulted in new methods for more precise betting, and scientific loss limits that tell you exactly when to leave.

  • Strategic Card Analysis: the author's invention that teaches you to understand (like a language) what the cards are telling you, to predict future events.

  • How to benefit from the many predictable elements of the game (some newly-uncovered!). Predict what the hole card is; what your hit card will be; etc.

  • How to understand and profit from the concept of mathematical probability.

  • A powerful new way to mathematically predict the dealer's likely outcome!

  • How shuffling affects your game and how to profit from this! Find out where to put the cut card! Or how to adjust your bet if someone else does it! (We've been told that poker and baccarat players have profited from Richard Harvey's revelations on shuffling too!)

  • Newly-discovered repeating phenomena, and how to use these to your benefit.

  • How the relative supply of each card affects your fortunes in the future.

  • How the number of players affects your likelihood of winning!  Plus, the necessary adjustments you must make when the number of players changes.

  • A scientific new measure of how good the table is for you.

  Find out why so many players are saying Cutting Edge Blackjack has provided the answers to questions they've had for years -- and given them the winning rate they only used to dream about. ORDER NOW!

  And you'll probably also want the new pocket-sized laminated Precision Betting Charts! Click here for details.


Cutting Edge Blackjack blackjack best-seller by Richard Harvey


FYI: This book has had a huge affect on the industry. Witness alone the 5-player tables now cropping up in Vegas and elsewhere, a direct result of Richard Harvey's breakthrough announcement in Cutting Edge Blackjack that the number of players affects your likelihood of winning! (Lucky for players who use his system: the casino countermeasures primarily hurt Old School blackjack players.)



A whole new Chapter 8 contains the most explosive and profitable blackjack information ever. It solves blackjack's two biggest mysteries: how to predict with great accuracy your odds of winning in the next round; and how to bet with scientific intelligence. And, in doing so, Chapter 8 ends the historical search for precision in betting. No other book can touch this. (Click here for Table of Contents details on this chapter.) Sweet. And it comes with six pages of glossy color-coded Precision Betting Method strategy charts, including special charts for multideck games, pitch games (single and double deck games) and games with and without surrender (an option that affects your odds of winning).

A new Notch-Up, Notch-Down betting plan makes your overall wagering system more profitable yet further reduces the downside risk in an already conservative approach. It will also further baffle dealers and casino bosses who are on the lookout for system players. All of this will give you greater confidence.

Two extra pages of glossy color-coded card strategy charts, including Ducks & Bucks charts (an entry-level method to help you quickly determine the dealer's likely outcome in each round, real-time).

New card examples make it easy to understand how to apply state-of-the-art concepts to the round of the moment and prepare you for the varied card challenges you'll face at the casino.

New special strategies specifically for multideck games will help level the playing field for those unable to play the better pitch games.

An End Game Strategy that makes card strategy decisions more accurate than ever before.

More numbers than ever; information you can take to the bank. Information from Richard Harvey's 10+ years of innovative research you'll find nowhere else.

New discoveries on where the old school methods went wrong, including assessments of most if not all major old school blackjack systems and card counting schemes since the advent of those methods more than 50 years ago. Their shortcomings will shock you. (Did you know that one book warns you its card counting method does not work well with three or more players at the table? Few readers, we're sure, picked up on that major flaw. And that admission was by a major researcher who sold his research to innumerable old school blackjack writers to use in their books!)

Plus, the book's been completely rewritten so it reads like a fun conversation, making state-of-the-art concepts easy to understand. And there are more entertaining and informative stories from the casino, giving you a greater feel for the game.

Even the typeface has been improved. It's now easy on the eyes. Eye candy. With brain candy.

And there's so much more. No other blackjack book can touch this.


Chapter 8: The Precision Betting Method, Including How To Predict Your Likelihood of Winning 146
The Quest For Precision 146
Are Card Counting Systems Based On A Huge Flaw? 148
Old School Betting Ideas Make No Sense 149
Another Huge Flaw In Card Counting Methods 150
What About The “Testing” Software? 151
What The MIT Teams’ Stories Show Us 152
Is Getting Barred A Badge Of Honor? 154
The Basic Premise Of Next Round Prediction 154
The Role Imbalances Play: It’s Huge 155
The Underlying Facts About Each Of The 10 Card Types 156
The Relative Value of Aces 156
Profiting From These Truths At Multi-Deck Tables 157
The Conundrum of the 10s 158
The 7s, 8s And 9s 159
The 2s Through 6s 159
A Special Profitable Discovery Worth Noting 160
A Negative Situation To Beware 161
NRPA Numbers: Powerful Indicators Of Success Or Failure 162
The Precision Betting Method 163
A Neat Summary To Make This Work 164
What’s A “Significant” Imbalance? 164
Using This With Single, Double & Multi-Deck Games 164
Your “Probability Index” (PI) And Precise Betting 165
What A Positive PI Tells You 165
What A PI Of +1 Means 165
A Special Case: A PI Of +.5 166
What A Negative PI Tells You About Betting And Card Moves 167
Negative PIs With Multi-Deck Games 167
What A PI Of Zero Tells You 167
But Factor In The Number Of Betting Spots In Play! 167
The Drawback To Multi-Deck Games 167
“NRPI FINE” & “NRPI SIMPLE”: How Precise Do You Want To Be? 168
Or If You Want A More Aggressive But Sensible Approach 169
A Three-Step Process 169
The Big Question 173


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