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Richard Harvey's
Blackjack PowerPrep Session

CD Audio Book

 Richard Harvey's Blackjack PowerPrep Session CD Audio Book graphic

  For years, Mystic Ridge Books has gotten inquiries from loyal fans, requesting Richard Harvey audio books. To those fans: we’ve heard you, and here’s the audio book!

  Based upon the methods introduced in the Third Revised Edition of the bestseller Blackjack The SMART Way , Richard Harvey’s Blackjack PowerPrep Session reminds you of all the things you need to know to become a winner. It pumps up your confidence and skills so you're primed to win!

  It's not enough for you to study Richard Harvey’s uniquely successful methods until you have the essentials down pat. Another crucial thing you need to do in maximizing your winning rate is do a review session of all the ins and outs JUST BEFORE you go to the casino.

  Unfortunately, most players skip this important step -- they either don't realize it's a must, or they don't know how to go about it. This audio book does that work for you! It's easy!

  This is totally fresh. It's not a dull rehash of Blackjack The SMART Way. It takes you beyond the teachings of that much-loved book. (And, by the way, those who have not read that book will also benefit. The material is presented such that even newcomers can fully profit from it.)

  Here are just some of the benefits of this 78-minute Compact Disc. You will:

* Get the complete details on Blackjack The SMART Way Strategies from a unique new angle.
* Learn how to play the percentages.
* Learn about The Circle of 13, which tells you whether a particular move is wise.
* Get a review of how to pick a good casino and a good table.
* Get pointers on what to look for in a dealer, and why you must avoid some of them.
* Go over how to do card analysis, in order to make smarter card moves and bet wiser.
* Be reminded of when it’s time to take your winnings and leave.
* Hear about Red Flags which warn you when to leave a table.
* Be reminded of difficult card situations you might face.

  And there's much more! It's more than an HOUR of great advice! (See the sample program below.)

PART 1: Tracks 1-39

When NOT to go to a casino
Playing The Percentages
How To Pick A Good Casino & Table
Where To Sit
Picking A Good Dealer & Smart Tipping
Money Management & Gains Expectations
The Notch-Up, Notch-Down Betting System
Basic Strategy, Upcards & The Circle of 13
Quickie Quiz
When You Should LEAVE & Loss-Limits
Avoiding Getting Barred

PART 2: Tracks 40-72

Card Counting
Card Observation (Card Analysis)
Advanced Card Strategy
More on Upcards
The X Factor (Including Red Flags)
Casino Countermeasures & Dirty Tricks
Unwanted Scrutiny
More On When To Leave
What To Watch For
More On Picking A Good Dealer
Quickie Quiz

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